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Do you need somebody who can validate your potential purchase? Do you want to make sure you are getting what you are paying for? We selected for you below two independent experts in the field of Chinese and Asian antiques. Please get in touch with us if you need further assistance or if you find further reputable resources. An antique porcelain authentication by a professional is recommended before you purchase or bid for any antique of considerable value.  Experts help you by recognising very good reproductions. If you are a collector of Chinese porcelain, consider studying its related issues to some deeper extent. This should enable you to judge authenticity yourself, at least to some degree. No easy matter when it comes to Chinese porcelain, for sure, as there is a lot of peripheral knowledge required. Learn more about authentication on www.chinese-antique-porcelain.com, an interesting site indeed. Please acknowledge that the recommendation we give here do not include any guarantees or claims. We just want to help you to verify your purchase in case of any doubts.

wy-2014sWei Yang Art

WEI YANG ART provides high quality professional services. They don’t claim to be experts of all Asian art forms; however, by possessing a set of trained research skills, especially a few Asian languages, they seem to have the ability to research your Asian art work in its historical and cultural contexts and provide you with sound professional guidance. They may find answers to your questions and present findings to you in a professional manner.



Roger Schwendeman, hails from an unusual hybrid background, encapsulating formal studies in drawing and painting to a career in the Information Technologies business. He has lived and worked in such diverse environments as New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpor, Warsaw and Bangkok.

Presently he manages the ACF China Co., where he works with importers, collectors, dealers and enthusiasts around the globe, to find, restore and export antique to homes where they will be loved and appreciated. Throughout his travels, he has personally handled thousands of antique furniture pieces, from researching to buying to restoring to collecting and has first hand knowledge of where to source and authenticate first-quality product.


Great AdvisorsJan Erik Nilson

Antique Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Quick e-mail consultation – $20 per item. If you need a quick answer on any Antique Chinese or Japanese porcelain you have, you can e-mail Jan Eric Nilson.


great advisorsChalre Associates

The Chalre Collection of Ceramic Art provides authentication and fair market appraisal services to investors in ceramics. We specifically and solely focus our assessments on antique and ancient Chinese (and Southeast Asian) ceramics. The appraisal team of The Chalre Collection performs appraisals and identifications for the purposes of investment management, insurance coverage (and claims), estate planning and probate, charitable donations and fair-market value.