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How do I contact you?

Please contact us directly should you wish to make a purchase; a viewing can be arranged locally in Singapore. If you are living overseas, you can make a request for high res images to be sent to you via email. Additionally you can travel at your own cost for a viewing. Please get in touch via our CONTACT US page.

Do the items include additional charges like tax or insurances?

All prices of goods exclude insurance and GST. Buyer will be responsible for insurance. Prevailing GST will be charged.

What are the Shipping and Delivery policies of your company?

Worldwide shipping and delivery is to be arranged by the buyer although we can provide a comprehensive list of shipping companies. We will not be responsible for any breakage or damage during delivery and/or shipping. Shipping / Delivery duration depends on shipping methods and delivery commitment of shipping company. The buyer or an authorized agent of the buyer must collect the item within 20 days of having paid the cost in full or is deemed to have forfeited the item and the monies paid to the company.

How do you handle returns? Is there a Return Policy?

All goods sold are non-returnable. Purchasers are encouraged to seek expert opinion from a panel of experts in Chinese antiques and artworks to prevent unintended purchases.

Do you have a pricelist of the items you are offering?

Please contact us directly via telephone or email should you wish to enquire the price of the item.

Can I reserve items and pay to a later point?

Should you wish to reserve an item, a reservation fee 20% that of the full price is to be paid upfront as deposit. This deposit is non-refundable. The deposit would is deemed to be forfeited if the remaining 80% of the cost is not credited into our bank accounts within 10 days. The remaining 80% of the cost is to be paid in full to our bank account within 10 days of the reservation. Preferred payment methods are credit cards or direct monetary transfers.