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Art is love. Art is freedom. Art is divine.

founderFamily Tradition

Kok Kim Chuan is an established company with over 40 years of history in the business of Chinese antiques, porcelain ware, blackwood, and rosewood furniture. Started by the patriarch as a hobby, many of the products are part of his prized collection. He travelled to various parts of China to source for them. Products of such quality are fast becoming a rarity, even in China today. Worksoforient.com is founded by Alvin Kok & Family.Motifs from mythology and the Buddhist religion appear over and over again in Chinese antiques, from the dragons made up of “Nine Aspects” of other animals to the Chinese guardian lions also known as “Foo Dogs.” Images meant to bring success, fortune and well-being include the Buddha, gourds, lotus flowers, magpies, peaches, and bats. Read more…