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Height: approx. 120cm | Width: approx. 38cm | Condition: Mint


According to traditional beliefs, it is thought that Buddha was born to a royal family in Nepal. However considerable archaeological evidence now shows that Buddha was born in Orissa, India. He grew up as part of the Sakyas clan, which his father was king of. Buddha’s multiple encounters with the old and sick, motivated him to find a spiritual solution to the problems brought along by human suffering. In doing so, he left his family and luxurious life behind.After years of attempting to find a solution to the problem in the world, he finally achieved enlightenment while seated underneath a tree.
He was able to remember events from his previous reincarnations, witness how the good and the bad deeds influenced the subsequent reincarnation of others and learned how he had progressed beyond “spiritual defilements” and would never be reincarnated again. After this experience, he decided to spend the rest of his life teaching his beliefs to anyone who would listen. The Buddha is one of the most common images in antique Asian statuary. The Buddha statue is not meant to be a religions statue but instead serves as more of a meditation guide. His serene face and relaxed pose helps provide calmness and peace to anyone who encounters it by helping them find their inner balance.

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