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Fu Lu Shou 福禄寿 (Males)




Height: approx. 54cm | Width: approx. 23cm | Condition: Mint


Fu Lu Shou are the most revered of all Feng Shui deities as they represent Happiness, Prosperity & Longevity. Separately, they may be called Fu Xing, Lu Xing, and Shou Xing, with “Xing” meaning “star.” Though they are seldom worshipped, their presence is believed to bring good luck and thus they can be found in a majority of Chinese homes. When facing the dining table, it is believed they will bring an abundance of blessings whereas in the office they bring authority, success, fame and fortune.
Lu, the God of high rank and affluence, carries a small child which symbolizes wishes of healthy offspring, good fortune and hope of the future and present. Lu Xing became popular amongst the common people and intellectuals during the establishment of the Imperial Examination, a Chinese civil service recruitment method and education system.
During this time, it was especially difficult for the common people to become court officials and thus Lu Xing became a god whom most examinees would turn to for blessing. Fu, the Star God of Happiness and Wealth, carries a symbol of gold- gold ingot or a scroll signifying wealth. He sometimes stands one head taller than the other two Star Gods and is always placed in the centre of them. During the Tang Dynasty, Fu Xing became a governor of Dazhou. The emperor at that time found midgets amusing and would force them to draft into the military.
Upon learning about the unhappiness of the midgets, Fu Xing stood up to the emperor and abolished the practice. Thus Fu Xing became immortalized as one who brings happiness and blessings Shou, the Star God of Health and Longevity, holds the peach of immortality and carries a peach wood staff. He is also recognized by his large forehead.
The peach is said to blossom every 3000 years and that a bite of the peach provides longevity. It is considered lucky to wed in the month that the peach tree blossoms, signifying a long marriage. Shou Xing is perhaps the most popular of the three stars and is often portrayed alone.The usual arrangement is Lu to the right, Fu in the centre, and Shou on the left. The three Gods should be placed in an area that is higher than a table as a mark of their honour. An ideal place would be high on a sideboard overlooking the dining table to provide the good fortune of always having enough food to eat and for staying in good health.

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