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Blue & White Porcelain Bowl



Depth: approx. 9cm | Diameter: approx. 13cm | Condition: Mint


Blue & White (Qinghua) Porcelain Bowl with Design of “Peasant Farmer returning from field”. This piece is known as Blue-and-white (Qinghua) porcelain. It is a white porcelain body painted with blue pattern cobalt. Qinghua porcelain is a very traditional type of Chinese porcelain that was very popular across the world. It was first made in the 13th the white body before being covered by a transparent layer of glaze and fired at temperatures of century by painting blue floral patterns in cobalt on the surface of about 1300 degrees Celsius in a kiln. The firing at high temperatures allowed the cobalt pigment to penetrate into the paste, to portray a thick blue of varying thickness. Qinghua porcelain then became the mainstay of Chinese porcelain during the 3 dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing [1271-1911] Qinghua porcelain is considered one of the most famous type of porcelain with many pieces kept in popular museums across the world. The blue pattern aptly portrays the subtlety and elegance of Chinese porcelain. Qinghua porcelain piece with landscape scenery and scholars is believed to be made during the Qing dynasty [1644-1911].


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