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Famille Rose Porcelain Bowl



Depth: approx. 7cm | Diameter: approx. 18cm | Condition: Mint


Famille Rose Porcelain Bowl with butterfly Design. This is a famille rose (French: ‘rose’ family’) porcelain which refers to Chinese porcelain predominantly painted with pink colour enamel  from colloidal gold. It was first used in the Kangxi period and during the early eighteen century was known as ‘fencai’ meaning foreign colour as it was first introduced from Europe in about 1685. Famille rose became very popular during the Qing period [1644-1911] as it was favoured over the famille verte (French: ‘green’ family) over glaze colours that were originally used. This piece is believed to be made while Qian Long [1735- ] was in power or after.


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