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Egg-shell Porcelain Bowl (Dragon)




Depth: approx. 9cm | Diameter: approx. 24cm | Condition: Mint


Egg-shell Porcelain Bowl with refined Dragon Design. A special technique was used in the making of the bowl to make it so thin that it is almost translucent. The production of the egg shell bowl was introduced in the Ming dynasty and is extremely time consuming and complex. There are nine 5 clawed dragons painted on the bowl. The dragons are painted on both sides of the bowl and converge at both sides to form a circle with a single dragon in the middle. Historically, the dragon was the symbol of the Emperor of China as it represents power, strength and good luck to the people worthy of it. In the Qin dynasty, the five claw dragon was assigned to the Emperor while the four and three claw dragons were meant for commoners. During the Qing dynasty, [1644-1911] the dragon also appeared on the national flag of China. This piece is believed to be produced during the period of Republic of China.


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