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The history of Chinese ceramics is long and remarkable, and they are regarded as one of the most beautiful art forms in the world. A special technique was used in the making of the bowl to make it so thin that it is almost translucent. The production of the egg shell bowl was introduced in the Ming dynasty and it is extremely time consuming and complex.
The bowl is so thin that any extreme fluctuation in temperature can shatter it and production requires the individual to painstakingly paint the bowl with great precision. Today, this has evolved to the bowls being decorated with enamels.he production of this egg shell bowl required the best and most carefully selected kaolin, mixing the ingredients according to strict measurements and repeated tempering of the clay, before the potter could mould the paste into bodies.
Master craftsmen would then wield multiple cutting tools to shape them finely into eggshell thinness and have them fired in the kiln at temperatures of over 1300 degrees Celsius. The most difficult process is still the fine-moulding, which finalizes the form of the utensil.
A skilled individual, relies solely on his sense of hearing and touch, to determine the thickness of the wall. The individual would also need to hold his breath when applying pressure with his knife as a tiny slip would ruin the entire body.

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