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Nine Peach Porcelain Vase



Height: approx. 26cm | Width: approx. 20cm | Condition: Mint


Nine Peach Porcelain Vase. Vases with nine peaches on it was very popular during the Qing [1644-1911] dynasty, especially while Guangxu was in power [1875-1908], and was used to celebrate the Empress Dowager’s birthday. Though it gained in popularity during the Guangxu period, it is said that the quality of vases decreased when compared to those during the Yonzheng [1722-1735] and and Qianlong reign [1735-1799]. The peach is a symbol of immortality and Taoists view it as a sacred fruit. They believe it grows on a fabled peach tree near the palace of Xiwangmu, known as Queen of the Immortals. The tree only blossoms every three thousand years and can grant immortality to anyone who eats the peach.


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