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Famille Rose Porcelain Vase



Height: approx. 20cm | Width: approx. 14cm | Condition: Mint


Famille Rose Porcelain Vase depicting peasant life in rural China. This is a famille rose porcelain which depicts young children playing. Famille rose porcelain refers to Chinese porcelain predominantly painted with pink colour enamel made from colloidal gold. It was first used during Kangxi’s reign [1661-1722] and during the early eighteen century was known as ‘fencai’ or ‘yangcai’ meaning foreign colour as it was first introduced from Europe in about 1685. Famille rose became very popular during the Qing period as it was favoured over the famille verte over glaze colours that were originally used. In the production of famille-rose porcelain, craftsmen fired glass whiteness onto plain porcelain, before creating patterns with Chinese painting techniques and then baking it in a kiln. During the Kangxi reign, famille porcelain was rare and the colours were very simple with common patterns such as flowers, clouds and dragons. However, famille porcelain transitioned during the Yongzheng reign to feature a most delicate quality and brilliant colour.

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